Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last night

Last night a friend invited me over. We watched reruns of The Office for an hour or so. Then he surprisingly leaned over for a kiss. I had never thought of him in that way before but who was I to say no ? We began to passionately make out on the couch. He suggested we head into his bedroom, should his roommate arrive and walk in on us in the living room (I wouldn't have minded, but it is his apartment haha).

We headed in and pushed him backward onto the bed and crawled on top of him. We continued to make out for probably twenty minutes. His hands began to creep down my pants and gently fondled my asshole. I moaned in light pleasure. Then I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. I stroked his cock through the briefs he had on.

He then unbuttoned my jeans and took them off. My hard cock sprung out and he immediately grabbed it and started pumping it. I pulled off his underwear to reveal a gorgeous cock. Average legnth but one of the thickest I had ever seen. Nice and veiny. I immediately dove down and took the whole thing down my throat in one go, burying my face in his neatly trimmed pubes. He let out a loud moan. I kept furiously sucking his fat cock, feeling it quiver on my tongue, while he alternated between stroking my rock-hard dick and fingering my tight, tight hole. I then crawled up on him and rubbed the tip of his dick on my now slightly less tight hole, just to tease him. Then he flipped me over.

He began to stroke his cock as I fondled his low-hanging balls. Before long he shot three shots that went all the way from dripping onto my cock to hitting my forehead. That sensation of hot jizz on me was all I needed for my horned up dick to explode. I started stroking my cock, using his cum as lube, and I erupted in nine shots, one hitting him in the face, the rest splattering on my chest, face, and his sheets. I rubbed my fingers in the hot lake of our mixed manjuice on my chest and stuck it in my ass. That made me shoot one more little spurt, which I then picked up and ate. Then we made out and cuddled, with him saying, "Wow, that was a lot better than watching reruns =P"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sneak peak of my junk

If you keep following me, you'll see it in action, but here's a preview!

First real post

So my last hookup was about two weeks ago. It was with a gay couple. We'll call them Taylor and Aaron to (barely) protect their identities. 33 and 34 years old respectively. We met via Craigslist and they're in the same town as me, making our visits easy.

The first time I went over there, we chatted for a bit. We were all a bit nervous, as they hadn't had a threesome in years. We poured a drink and sat down on the couch. When Taylor went in the kitchen, Aaron looked me in the eye and leaned over. We started passionately making out. I straddled him, feeling the outline of his hard cock on my ass through our jeans.

Taylor walked back in and was clearly turned on by me making out with his boyfriend. He unzipped his pants, and whipped out a huge, veiny, semi-hard cock and started stroking it. Not what I was expecting for this petite Asian boy. We proceeded to the bedroom.

They threw me on the bed and started making out with each other as I wrapped my lips around that massive meat Taylor was sporting, now fully hard. It must have been 9" and thick. If only it was uncut, it would have been the cock of my dreams. I took it all the way down on the first go, my face smashed into his thick bush. He let out a loud moan. Aaron bent down and started by taking off my shirt. They each went to a nipple and started licking and playing. Then, Aaron unbuttoned my pants. As I was going commando as always, my boner popped right out. A drip of precum already on the tip.

They pushed me down flat on the bed, and went simultaneously to sucking and licking my cock, sharing as they made out, their tongues flicking my cockhead as they made out. I started panting heavily as Aaron took my cock all the way down his throat, sucking it hard like I like. He then flipped me over and spread my furry cheeks. He went to town, taking obvious pleasure in rimming my virgin hole. This got me so hot. I love getting rimmed by a passionate guy.

Meanwhile, Taylor had removed Aaron's pants and was sucking his cock beneath him. They picked up my body and flipped me over again. Taylor grabbed my head and started facefucking me with his thick manmeat. I felt it start to quiver after a minute or so. I grabbed with my fist and started stroking his veiny dick until it started oozing hot jizz which I rubbed all over my face. Aaron came over and shoved his cock in my mouth. His was nothing to shrug at either. 7 inches, cut, and average thickness, with these amazing, big, low-hanging nuts. As he facefucked me, his nutsack was slapping my chin. Before long, he gasped out "I'm gonna cum". He was a shooter. It started going over my head, then I grabbed and aimed so I got the remainder of his hot, huge load on my face and in my hair. The combinating of getting so much hot jizz on my face and having Aaron's index finger sliding in and out of my tight asshole made me instantly cum without anyone even touching my dick right then.

It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. One, two, three... eleven shots, most of them going over my head like a geyser, hitting their pillows. There was one big glob that hit my chin that I picked up and slurped into my mouth. Not to brag, but my cum is delicious haha. So there I was with three HUGE loads on me. We finished by making out, everyone's cum on everyone's faces.

Needless to say, we've gotten together a few more times since haha.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Hello there, everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I'm mostly doing this to kill time, but hopefully I'll be able to entertain and/or titillate yas guys as well haha!
What you can expect on here is detailed accounts of all my sexual encounters (expect the encounters to vary from frequent to rare depending on how busy I am / how ethical I'm feeling haha).

If I happen to be in a dry spell, you'll also just get my thoughts, pictures, etc.
Basically hopefully I can keep you mentally stimulated and maybe help you get your rocks off haha.

I'll try to update often so please continue to check in! Heck, you can even save me to your faves in your browser for frequent check-ups haha